Sunday, March 3, 2013

Michael & Justin "When I was your man" cover

Listen to them.....

Amazing vocals
I kept pressing replay, again and again and again!
Just makes me wanna sing along


Sunday, November 11, 2012

The one who changed my status...

May I present to you
The one who changed my status...

From just Kiki to Aunty Kiki!

 Her name is Priscilla Rhema Justin 

She's growing so fast! 

When will I hold her in my arms? *sigh*

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two sweet nieces of mine...makes me feel like having some myself. 

They wear skirts! Shy and sweet! girly.


A random conversation with a resident (a man, happily married)

Scenario: We were busy listening to one of our friends reading out 'ways or words used to flirt' (gombal=in indonesian) , then our resident suddenly asked us...

Res: Apa itu cinta?
Us: *we continued laughing at the 'gombals', ignoring his out of the blue question.
Res: Ayo...bilang....Apa itu cinta? Mulai dari kamu yoo...*pointing at me*
Me: ermmm.....perasaan?  

*and the others answered 'emosi' 'kebahagiaan' ..... 

Res: Berarti kalian belum siap untuk cinta.
Us: *huh?*
Res: Cinta itu kamu harus siap untuk tidak bisa melakukan hal yang biasanya kamu sukakan...
Me: ooo...sacrifice (said to myself softly)

*and he continued explaining.....*

Res: Jadi intinya apa? *pointing at me*
Me: Pengorbanan..
Res: Sacrifice...

So....we we gonna leave the place, I left the group to find the restroom to empty my tiny bladder..hehe...but when I came back....

Res: Kamu udah mau nikah ya?
Me: Hahh? *shocked being asked this* Gak dok... Kenapa?
Res: Gak pa2...
Me: my heart: *Why suddenly? Do I look like I'm ready?*


Just my thoughts :

Love is overrated
People talk about how great it is, how amazing it feels like, how one can lose one's mind just because of shouldn't.

Love is underrated
I think love is more than just feelings and feelings....just like what the resident said, it's sacrifice.

Are you ready for that?
Are you ready to give up what you like or enjoy, just for the other person?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To whom shall I tell
To whom shall I share
Disappointments and regrets
Too much to carry
Too heavy to hold

To whom shall I cry
To whom shall I express
To whom, to whom?

To whom? To him? No. It must be someone significant.
To whom? To bestfriend? Possible
To whom? To a fellow sister.

My heart's calling out "Mummy...Mummy..."
But I'm not at the age where I should cry
and complain like a little child

Friday, July 27, 2012

Low point

Out of gas, out of fuel,
Out of mass to finish the build

Losing motivation
Tired of determination
Trying to find passion
But all that's left is tension

Low point


Just framing up a quote photo I saw on Facebook some time ago.

I'm not stupid. 
I'm a genius.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Encouraged by a blog

The author of a blog I was following just recently got married.  I've been reading her posts, which was on her life as she prepares to be better person each day, and I found her writings very encouraging.  Well, because she just got married, I thought of reading her old posts...reading posts that brought her to where she is today.  

Till this day, I've never cried reading blogposts.  When I read what she shared on her blog, her struggles, then I felt like "I'm not alone in this world.  Cos here is a woman, who seemed to went through sh#ts I went through too.  And probably she made mistakes along the way, felt guilty, but hey...she got up and kept walking in the storm.  She persevered.  And now look where she is! "

I was so encouraged just by reading her posts.  So let's continue blogging. Cos who knows, someone one day will feel what I felt a few hours ago after reading her blog


Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Entrusting the Key' by Ali Smith

I've been wanting to share about this book, which I read during my last holidays back in Malaysia, entitled "Entrusting the Key" by Ali Smith, which I bought in Glad Sounds Bookstore, Ipoh Parade, Ipoh.  This book is about the author's journey: 'From serial dating to joyful waiting.' :) Here's the book (or part of the book, and part of me..)

Me holding the book, 'Entrusting the Key' by Ali Smith

With the title so, I think you can guess what the book is about? Yup, waiting singles. Hehe..  But, this is no ordinary book or writings about singles and the common 'what it's like' or 'what to do' and all that..  Let me tell you what it's about and what I like about it:

It's about the author's (Ali Smith, an American broadcast journalist, now living in Singapore) life journey as she go through her twenties being away from her homeland, and single.  She shares her life story meeting people, meeting potential partners, facing the pressures of being single. 

What I like the most about this book is the personal touch the author poured in it.  She didn't just narrate her story like a storybook, but also put in her personal journal excerpts and reflection.  Most or almost all of the excerpts are her prayers to God about what she's struggling with.  And I can see that those prayers are true, honest and they came from the very bottom of her heart.  How do I know they're true? Cos I say them too.

I could really relate to her story, and I kept comparing it to mine as I read.  Her being away from her homeland, meeting new people, having new friends, deep down longing to meet a man who loves God and so on... and feeling the pressure, as friends and even family members taking the next step in life, tying the knot and saying 'I do'. 

Waiting can be quite tiring, energy-draining, and at times you'll just feel like giving up and settle for whatever that's in front of you (which, most of the times isn't the best decision).  But in this book, just like it's description 'From serial dating to joyful waiting', the author shows you (or me) how waiting can be joyful as she surrenders all her struggles to God.  And in the end, it draws her closer to God.  

Maybe most people would want a happy ending about how the author finally found her true love....but this book's ending is different.  She's still waiting.  And THAT, just concludes that 'Life is not about getting what you want at the time you planned it to be, but it's about building a close Father-daughter, bestfriends -like personal relationship with God.  Trusting God. Entrusting the Key to our hearts (which is filled with all our desires) to the all-knowing, all-powerful, almighty God.

It's not going to be easy to wait.  There are times when you're tempted to do things you know you shouldn't.  But if you're struggling through the wait, just do it like Ali Smith did: Commit everything to Him.  Tell Him all about it.  Be honest and just tell Him everything, cos He knows what's on your mind and heart, even before you tell Him.  Develop that personal relationship.  Put aside that 'I feel crazy talking to myself' and just talk like God is right there next to you.

Well that's all this time.  Read the book, buy the book, or borrow from me. :)